Terms and Conditions

1)This special discounted pricing applies only to first time customers.

2)A domain name of your choosing will be registered on your behalf as part of this special package deal. You are to provide up to 20 preferred names that you would like to use in helping us select a domain name to register on your behalf. We do not guarantee that your first choice for domain registration as outlined in the Instructions for Choosing  Domain Names at Registration section will be chosen. Although every attempt will be made to choose a domain according to your preferences, we only guarantee that one of your 20 submitted options will be selected. In the event that none of your 20 choices is available, you will be contacted by phone or email in order to suggest other domain names that you may choose.

3)Your domain name will be registered and hosted by DomainDiscounts.us or DomainAuthority.us for a period of one year. You must renew your hosting contract and domain registration after the year is past based on our standard domain registration and hosting prices.

4)You are to choose one of the templates available on the order form. If you do not like any of the templates provided, you may choose to have a customized website developed at the standard pricing. You will be provided with a quote before proceeding with any work.

5)Each template contains a reference to CompleteWebsites.net and the hosting and domain registration services provided by Complete Websites.  You are getting a discounted price because this references are included on the template. In order to remove those references, you must pay the standard pricing for custom developed websites. In other words, DO NOT REMOVE IT or it will cost you.

6)The domain that we register on your behalf and the hosting services that you receive are part of this special introductory offer. The regular pricing for these services is higher. If you should decide to move your domain name to another hosting provider before a year, or should you choose to terminate your business agreement with CompleteWebsites.net after the domain name has been registered and your site has been developed and published , you will be required to pay full price for all services rendered. Furthermore, you waive your right to the domain name that was registered on your behalf should you terminate our agreement before a year. You may be able to keep the domain name by paying a domain name transfer fee of $40.00 and after all the fees that you are responsible for are satisfactorily dealt with..

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