Complete Websites Can Help You Make Money From The Internet! Getting a Website Increases Your Market Reach!

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Get Dedicated Service Domain Hosting and Registration Complete Web Pages This Website Design Deal is Ideal for a Startup Online Business!

With the introductory Complete Website for $99.95 package, you get a fully, professionally designed three page web site which includes a home page or product page, an about page, and a contact page.  The web site we design for you will give you a true Internet presence that can take your business to the next level!

Pay Less for Web Design Service and Increase Your Profits Off the Start!

Your website will include three complete pages. These pages are your Home Page, an About Page and a Contact Page. The Home Page is the central focus of your site. This is the page people will land on when visiting your site. While the Home Page focuses on your product, your About Page will tell visitors about your company. The Contact Page provides your visitors a means to communicate with you.

You Get Three Complete Pages

Here Is What You Get In Your Complete Website Package!

You Get Domain Registration and Hosting

Tell Complete Websites the domain name that you want for your online business and it will be registered for you. Once registered, it will be hosted for you for an entire year without any additional charges provided you do not need an upgrade on your hosting services. Complete Websites is here to facilitate your entry into the online marketplace, and providing you with domain registration and domain hosting seems like the logical service to offer in order to make things easier for you.

You Get Complete Dedicated Service

Complete Websites is mindful of the fact that every customer deserves great customer services. Here every effort is made to treat you special. Should you ever feel the need to contact anyone here please feel free to do so. As an additional bonus to you, the server where your site is to be hosted will include many scripts (forums,blog,etc) that can be used to help you increase business. And if that was not enough, should you want a script installed, Complete Websites will install it free of charge. (Elefante Installer Only)

Total Cost: $52.00 USD

You Pay: Free!

Total Cost: $300.00 USD

You Pay: $99.95!

You Pay: Free!

Total Cost:Script Installation $125.00 USD

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